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Research Faculty

Kris Yuet Wan LOK

Dr Kris Lok is currently an Assistant Professor at School of Nursing, The University Hong Kong. She is also an Academy Fellow at the World Cancer Research Fund International, UK and an Ambassador at the World Cancer Research Fund, HK. Dr Kris Lok is a registered dietitian who has worked in academic institutions and hospitals both in Hong Kong and UK. Her current research interests include maternal and child health, specifically infant feeding. She has conducted a number of large randomized controlled trials of interventions to improve maternal and child health outcomes.

Funding Scheme Project Title Approved Amount (HK$)
RGC Early Career Scheme (ECS) Effectiveness of a home-based peer support program for Chinese mothers with low breastfeeding self-efficacy to increase the exclusivity and duration of breastfeeding: a randomized controlled trial 1,000,000
Start-up Fund, HKU Impact of Fear and Childbirth Experience in Pregnancy and the Postpartum Period during the COVID-19 Pandemic – an International Survey 1,000,000
Health Care and Promotion Scheme (HCPS) Commissioned Project Baby-friendly Community Initiative Program in Hong Kong 3,500,000
HKU-KCL Strategic Partnership Fund Home-based breastfeeding peer counselling programme and research 100,000
Seed Fund for Basic Research, HKU Validation and translation of the Whooley questions to identify perinatal depression in Chinese women 111,050
Health and Medical Research Fund The effect of feeding methods on intestinal microbiota of healthy Chinese infants 1,089,052
Health and Medical Research Fund Impact of breastfeeding on postpartum glucose regulation in women with recent gestational diabetes 871,835
Seed Fund for Basic Research for New Staff, HKU Breast milk expression practices, breastfeeding self-efficacy and breastfeeding duration in Hong Kong mothers 150,000
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  • 2014  Awarded the International Fellowship World Cancer Research Fund International.