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Research Faculty

Jay Jung Jae LEE

Dr Jay Lee is an Assistant Professor at the School of Nursing of the University of Hong Kong. He started his early career as a stroke nurse. After five years clinical experience, he went on to pursue his Masters and PhD in the School of Health and Social Sciences (Nursing Studies) at the University of Edinburgh. Dr Lee has conducted studies in the research topics of stroke care, addictive behaviours including tobacco smoking, alcohol drinking, and e-device use, and nursing and health education using diverse research designs including mixed methods. Particularly, he has significant experience in using research methodologies such as grounded theory, phenomenology, interpretive description, and thematic analysis to conduct rigorous qualitative studies.

Funding Scheme Project Title Approved Amount (HK$)
General Research Fund (GRF) Ecological momentary intervention for stroke caregivers’ psychological support: a randomised controlled trial 734,456
Teaching Development Grant (TDG) Blood transfusion education using virtual reality simulation for nursing undergraduate students 283,319
Hong Kong Council on Smoking and Health (COSH) Waterpipe smoking experiences, perceptions and motivations amongst young adults in Hong Kong: a qualitative study 134,000
Seed Fund for Basic Research, HKU Indoor air quality in waterpipe establishments in Hong Kong 149,976
Seed Fund for Basic Research, HKU The effect of instant message intervention for psychological well-being among stroke survivors 55,460
Knowledge Exchange (KE) Funding Exercise Using YouTube videos for health education on emerging alternative tobacco products in Hong Kong. 75,000
Knowledge Exchange (KE) Funding Exercise YouTube videos for tobacco industry denormalisation in young people 98,174
  • Clinical experience
     - Stroke specialist nurse (2009)
     - Stroke ward staff nurse (2005-2008)
  • Teaching
     - Qualitative research course at undergraduate, master and doctoral levels
     - Nursing theories and models (undergraduate course)
     - Health promotion (undergraduate course)
  • Stroke research (mHealth for stroke survivors’ and caregivers’ psychological well-being, and stroke risk factor management)
  • Smoking research (waterpipe smoking, e-cigarette, denormalization of tobacco industry and smoking in North Korea)
  • E-device use research (e-device use with psychological distress, cyberincivility and digital professional)
  • Nursing education (clinical placement and simulation-based learning).
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