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Pinning Ceremony 2018 Past Event

Event details

Congratulations to the Class of 2018! Our final year students attended the Pinning Ceremony which was successfully held on March 27, 2018. During the ceremony, all students received a pin from one of the Pinning Guests and recited the Nightingale Pledge with candlelight, which symbolized the spirit of Florence Nightingale being passed to the students with courageous to begin their journey as a professional nurse.

We were honored to have Dr Tak-yi Chui (Under Secretary for Food and Health), Professor Gilberto Leung (Assistant Dean (Admissions), Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine) and Professor Chia-Chin Lin (Head, School of Nursing) being our guests of honor to deliver speeches to our final year students in welcoming them into the esteemed nursing profession and encouraging them to embrace the difficulties they may confront as professional nurses. This meaningful and memorable ceremony ended with a heartwarming vote of thanks by the student representative.