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Certificate in Infection Control

Certificate in Infection Control
Programme Overview
The purpose of this course is to provide knowledge and practical experience in infection control measures, through an interactive and problem-solving approach in learning, for clinicians, nurses, allied health professionals, and other healthcare workers who are interested or actively involved in the daily management of hospital infection control.
Programme pamphlet
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A series of SIX modules will be organized as follows:
  1. Module 1 - Importance of Infection Control I (Nov 16-17, 2019)
  2. Module 2 - Importance of Infection Control II (Apr 25-26, 2020*)
  3. Module 3 - Infection Control in Practice I (July 18-19, 2020*)
  4. Module 4 - Infection Control in Practice II (Nov 14-15, 2020*)
  5. Module 5 - Advancing Infection Control I (Apr 17-18, 2021*)
  6. Module 6 - Advancing Infection Control II (Jul 17-18, 2021*)
* Tentative dates
Participants are required to attend and complete ALL six modules and perform satisfactorily in all course assessments within 2 to 6 years (1 to 3 cohorts).
Time: 9:00 am – 5:30 pm (Sat & Sun)
Venue: Lecture Theatre 2 & 3, William MW Mong Block, 21 Sassoon Road, Pokfulam, HK
Fees: HK$5,400 (for special offer, please refer to pamphlet for details)
Those who are interested in particular Module(s) but do not wish to pursue the Certificate course may take individual Module.
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Date: Nov 16—17, 2019 (Sat & Sun)
Time: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Venue: Lecture Theatre 2 & 3, William MW Mong Block, 21 Sassoon Road, Pokfulam, Hong Kong

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